🎮 WoT Console || New Monster Tanks will hit the Battlefield!


last year we already had some Monster Tanks rolling out on the battlefields of World of Tanks Console:

This year 2 new Monster Tanks will be added to that collection and each and one of you will be able to get them! We’re talking about the:

Höllenhund leKpz M 41 90 mm

and the

Dragon Type 62

For the moment we don’t have specifications for these 2 new Monster Tanks but the moment we get our hands on it we will inform you guys!

All six monsters transform into their “awakened” forms in the Monsters Awakening Mode (Oct. 27-31), but you’ll also be able to take “non-awakened” monsters to random battles during that time. More details on this mode are coming soon!

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Also there will be Monster Loot Drops starting from October 13 until November 9. What does this mean?

Every Monster Tank you buy comes with Monster Loot Drops. For each victory you’ll receive a randomly selected monster drop from the following lineup of items:

  • 10,000 
  •  Premium Day
  • x5 Crew XP
  • x3 XP
  • Large First Aid Kit
  • Large Repair Kit
  • Small First Aid Kit + Small Repair Kit

Starting from October 13 you will be able to buy all of these beauties. For more details please go to the official portal where all bundles are announced with the proper date.

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