🗳️ Poll || Which will be the next replacement? (Win a Type 64!!!)


today we have another poll for you. A poll where you can vote for what you think will be the next replacement. And you can win something in the process. Read further if you’re interested. If not go back to whatever you were doing. 😛

This poll came into existence at the request of the community (read the comments). We had some research to do first, and now we have what we need to go forward with it.

First let’s have a little chat about the replacements we already got in World of Tanks PC.

Waffenträger auf E 100

In 2016 we got the replacement of the Waffenträger auf E 100. That Tier X tank destroyer got replaced with the Grille 15. The Waffenträger auf E 100 was removed from the game (not the game files) entirely. A little side note: the Waffenträger auf E 100 (P) got back to the Chinese servers as a Tier X Premium Tank Destroyer.
We have another poll running where you can vote for the return of the Waffenträger auf E 100 (P) on the EU servers.

Of course this is not really the replacements we’re talking about. In the recent history of World of Tanks PC changes we get several Tier X tanks replaced in a certain way. The ‘old’ Tier X gets a replacement but doesn’t get removed from the game. The ‘old’ Tier X tank gets the ‘Special’ status. In other words these tanks are getting transformed to Premium vehicles or Reward vehicles. Wargaming doesn’t have plans to sell these tank ever. But that doesn’t mean that these tanks can’t be given away as a reward vehicle for certain events in the future.

AMX 50 Foch (155)

The AMX 50 Foch (155) was the first tank that got replaced this way. The AMX 50 Foch B was his successor and the ‘old’ AMX 50 Foch (155) got the ‘Special’ tag.

You can find the specs. of the new Tier X French Tank Destroyer here:


Next tank in line to get replaced was the British FV215b Tier X heavy tank. The replacement we got was the Super Conqueror. Actually at the time of writing this tank isn’t replaced yet. We have to wait for update 9.20.1 which we get October 18th. Also here we have the same modus operandi as with the AMX 50 Foch (155). New tank comes in place and the old one gets the ‘Special’ status.

FV215b (183)

Next victim of replacement will be the FV215b (183). His successor will be the brand new FV217 Badger. We expect this change in Update 9.21. Same modus operandi as before. Both tanks take part of the game.

The developers of World of Tanks PC let us know in previous Q&A’s that we will have more of these Tier X replacements in the future.

And now we get to it. What will be the next replacement at Tier X according to you? Yes we are talking about replacements in the line of those mentioned above. The old Tier X tank gets the ‘special’ status as a new tank fills his original place in the tech tree. And no, swaps like the T-10 with the Object 257 (probably) do not count! Only Tier X tanks.


To enter your vote correctly click the tank of your choosing and click “VOTE”.

Winning Type 64

This time we want to connect this poll to a price for one person who guessed the right tank: Type 64.

Of course we have to set some rules:

  • You have to vote (click tank and click ‘VOTE’);
  • In the comments section you have to place your in-game name, server region and tank of your choosing (this is the most important rule);
  • The winner has to be from the EU or NA region;
  • You have time to vote and comment until a next replacement tank is announced by Wargaming;
  • After an official announcement we will close the poll;
  • After closing the poll we will have a look at all the comments and votes and those from the EU and NA region with the right choice will be put in our program that will pick a random winner;
  • The picking of a winner will be presented in a video;
  • After the winner is announced we will transfer Type 64 to his or her account (EU or NA).

Good luck everybody!

33 comments to 🗳️ Poll || Which will be the next replacement? (Win a Type 64!!!)

  • Ricardo

    Pluto0074 EU obj263

  • OopSAA

    OopSAA, EU, IS-4

  • the_iron_trooper

    IS-4 EU the_iron_trooper

  • oster108

    IS-4 EU oster108

  • BeachPleaaase

    BeachPleaaase NA E-100

  • Tina


    acc naam: TJE_2003
    sever: eu

  • Aleksandar Grubesa

    SuddeNStrikes, EU server, Grille 15.

  • Nektarios

    ΑΜΧ 50Β , Orbeffect11, EU

  • Daniel

    Wholelottadeath eU maus

  • Taiganidis Theodore

    T110E4 taiganidist EU

  • Rodrigo Sousa Couto Soares

    Alephus EU server, voted E100

  • Diego Naredo

    Is 4 NA Panzer_Lupus

  • I.T.

    T-57, EU, ivanto

  • Bill

    Nyxta EU IS4

  • Deadly Shot

    Deadly_Shot_ EU IS-4

  • Guilherme Rocha Carvalho

    Tombs_ NA server

  • Guilherme Rocha Carvalho

    Tombs_ NA Server tank = IS-4

  • mike2051

    Mike2051 EU Object 430


    WRINKLED_IRON , EU, Grille 15

  • Terzatya

    Grille 15 EU terzab

  • RaiderSSG

    RaiderSSG NA, FV4005

  • icebearke

    Icebearke – EU – IS4

  • paulo domi (@shaolinsarge)

    shaolinsarge – NA – IS4

  • darthclicker

    Darth_Clicker EU Object 268

  • Kalle

    IronMadrox from EU

    • Kalle

      Object 263

  • Galaxyinquisitor

    galaxyinquisitor NA, IS-4

  • Matthi

    Grille 15 atzeeggman EU

  • Rolf

    stormgoblin, EU, IS-4

  • LethalEffect

    LethalEffect – EU – Obj 430

  • K blok

    Darksteel_plate , EU , object 430

  • Amar Ćosa Ćosić

    BlackBaron8472, EU T57 Heavy

  • depresjontanks

    Depresjon, EU IS-4


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