wotb update 4.3

🔧 WoTB || Update 4.3 Release


tomorrow October 11 we will get Update 4.3 for World of Tanks Blitz! Update 4.3 brings changes to the rules for crew skills training, introduces a legendary camouflage for the M48A1 Patton, adds improvements to the interface and balance, and includes fixes for some errors. And opens a portal to the Warhammer 40,000 Universe.

Due to pre...

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wotb update

📥 WoTB || Crew in Update 3.4


a high-penetrating gun, thick armor, and powerful engine — is that enough to become a true professional on the battlefield? Of course, not! The tank is just a pile of metal without a skilled crew.

We noticed that some players lack a clear understanding of how the crew skill system works...

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weekend special

📅 WoTBlitz || Weekend Action Special

Let’s face it, when you roll out in your favorite Tier X vehicle, you certainly know and then recollect that unforgettable drive that only the early tier vehicle battles have. If this rings a bell for you, enjoy: there are discounts on all Tier II-V Premium vehicles this weekend!

From October 6, 14:00 CEST to October 9, 14:00 CEST:

 Three times ...

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🤔 WoTB || Give your opinion


do you follow-up on your stats? Enjoy watching its improvement? Fancy comparing your skills with other players’?

Wargaming asks the WoT Blitz players to give their opinion. Check out the survey, whose mission is to gather opinions on what player profile at WoT Blitz homepage should look like.

druk knop

Thank you for your contribution, Commanders...

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🎓 WoTB || How to earn credits?

Blitz economy is based on the same principles as the real economy – income and expenditures. So if we’re up to earn some credits, we need to increase income and decrease expenditures. Let’s start from the first one.

Part I: Increasing income

First things first – the more damage you deal, the more credits you get...
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