💬 WoT Console || Q&A Heroes


in this weeks Heroes we have again some answered questions for you.


Will you release the “Type 59 G” one day from the Asia PC server?

No current plans to introduce the Type 59 Gold for console, but keep an eye out for another version coming to console this year.

Hmm … another version of the Type 59 for Console? Would WG als...

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valkyria chronicles

Rare Tank Spotlight: Valkyria Chronicles’ Edelweiss and The Nameless


the battle for Europa broadens! Tanks from SEGA’s “Valkyria Chronicles” are hitting World of Tanks’ battlefields!  VIII flag Edelweiss   and  VIII flag  The Nameless   are heroic vehicles from this series, and now’s your shot at adding these former foes to your arsenal.

Hitting the battlefield is maybe the wrong thing to say b...

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