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Hello everybody,

we have something to announce. Perhaps you already noticed but there’s not much news the last couple of days on this website. The reason for this is not that we’re quitting on bringing you the news about the games World of Tanks – in all its forms – or other tank games but we expanded our news offer to other and different kind of games as well. On top of that we make more videos and streams where we discuss the most important things about all of those games we and you are playing.

This website and thus project is called World of Tanks Info. With this name it wasn’t very appropriate to stream other games like World of Warplanes, World of Warships, but also non-Wargaming games as Crossout, Deceit, Fractured Space, Heliborne, Besiege, etc. And in the future we’re planning of streaming a lot more other games that are already published or that still have to be published but for which we already got a key.

All of this was launched a couple of days ago under the name World of Games. With World of Games – or WoG for short – we have the opportunity to discuss all the games we want and not only the tank games we already discussed. Furthermore – and like said before – we’re bringing most of the new facts in our streams and videos. In other words … our YouTube and Twitch channel are the most important sources of information and we also added a LiveJournal to all of that. LiveJournal is a kind of social media and like the title says a “journal”. So … if we have to bring short news messages we do that on our World of Games LiveJournal.

What will happen with this website?

Eventually this website will disappear. When we have to renew the payment for our domain we won’t do that anymore. We want to spend the donations purely for contest and giveaway purposes. We had already several giveaways and there will be lots more in the future.

You have to know that this website and everything that comes with it is costing us a big deal of money. Money that we rather want to spend on upgrading our hardware in order to be capable of bringing you guys the videos and streams of every game we want to bring. Right now that isn’t possible because of hardware limitations. Starting next month that will be fixed but it’ll cost us a huge amount of … right … money. 😛

And for the moment we have a lot of readers and viewers but we don’t have a lot of donations. And that’s completely normal because first of all we’re still a small project and we had to find our identity on the web. And second of all we needed a good program in order to bring you guys something new, something refreshing!

What will the future bring?

And guess what? We have that all figured out now. In the near future we will have our “news evening” back. That is a weekly stream in which we bring you the news about the games we play. The most import ones will be World of Tanks, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Warplanes and Total War: Arena, but we also have Deceit, Heliborne, Crossout, Fractured Space and all the games that are still to come.

So now you all know what’s going on. We did not forget about all of you fine and loyal supporters! We will not let you down with or new – and hopefully forever lasting – project World of Games! Together we can make this happen and together we can let this little baby grow!

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  • Felicien lefebvre

    Spijtig dat je met de website bent gestopt was top ; Ben ook nog op youtube gaan kijken persoonlijk vond ik het niets er stonden al 1000 en 1 filmpjes op . Uw geschreven website was vele maal duidelijker . misschien heeft het met de leeftijd te maken 🙂 Groeten Felle 20FL .


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