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Hello everyone,

it has been a while since we posted some news here and that all has a reason. We explained earlier that this website was going to stop existing. Back then we also told you that we were writing our articles on LiveJournal. That was the fact until a couple of weeks ago. Now we have our brand new website!

The reason for quitting this website was because of the fact that we don’t only write about World of Tanks and not only about tank games for that matter. We also play and write about different games who have nothing to do with tanks. Those articles wouldn’t have a place on a website with the domain name worldoftanksinfo, would it? That is why we decided to quit with this website and to write somewhere else. Like you know our first location was LiveJournal.

But LiveJournal is not really a professional environment and also we came to the conclusion that we missed writing on our own website! That is why we bought a new domain and there you go … World of Games was born!!! 😀

Also because we changed the language from Dutch – in the past – to English, we changed the domain extension from .be to .com. Now the new website is really for the world to see!

Do we still write about World of Tanks? Of course we do! Quick … go have a look at World of Games and discover everything and every game we write about!

Everybody is more than welcome! Go have a look and subscribe to the newsletter. That way you’ll be notified when a new article appears on the site.

Also we are working with a team again. If you feel like helping us out as a volunteer then you’re more than welcome to contact us. We are still searching for new people who wants to write about their favorite game(s).

Again … go have a look and be part of the World of Games Community!!! 😀

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