micro patch

Bug: sound only to the right!

 OMG … and we have another BUG!!!

Now when you enter a battle … all of a sudden the sound only goes to the right. When the battle is done and you return to the garage, the sound returns to both sides.
Then when you enter a new battle … the sound immediately goes to the right side only again!

It seems that the one bug fix brings a whole bunch of ot...

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WoT || Sovjet TD’s on Supertest

For the moment there are several Soviet Tank Destroyers tested on the Supertest server.

It seems that the SU-101M1 will disappear from the Soviet tech tree. The SU-101 will take his place and will be the only tier 7 TD together with the SU-152. And a new Tier X will be introduced for that TD branch: the Object 268 version 4.

How will the new tech t...

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Tank Force || 🔥Synchronization with Steam account & End of Early Access stage!🔥

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