Province on Supertest!

After we already spoke of a possible return of the old Province map we can already give you the news that 2 new variants of this map are on Supertest right now! The map disappeared 2 years ago and will possibly make a comeback in a new form.

There are 2 new prototypes tested at the moment. The size of the maps is increased to 1000 x 1000 meters and now it is suitable for VIII-X level vehicles. These maps or map is ment for random battles. Here you can find the minimaps and some details. These maps should be finished supposedly during 2018. Remember what WG told us: “Don’t expect this to happen before all current maps are released in HD.”

Province – the first prototype of the map. More dense buildings, the bases are located in the middle.

Province – 02 – the second version of the map. The bases are located as standard. There is a gorge in the north.
One of the few maps where the tunnel is tested. True, there are no examples of tunnel application in current maps or maps from before.

What is the purpose of this?
Fix the gameplay problems of the previous version of the map and release the it to the main servers. If everything goes as planned.


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